Pregnancy & Seatbelts

Everyone knows seatbelts are an essential protective device that every driver and passenger should wear anytime they are in a moving vehicle. Required by law, seatbelts have saved the lives of countless individuals who would have suffered greatly otherwise. They prevent fatalities a majority of the time, and even reduce the number and severity of major injuries.

Pregnant women are in an even more precarious situation regarding safety, as they are responsible for keeping their unborn child out of harm’s way. While it would be best for any pregnant woman to avoid taking the risk of getting into a car and possibly ending up in a car accident, this is nearly impossible--everyone needs to commute in some way, shape, or form. For years, pregnant women have expressed concern over wearing a seatbelt, as they fear it constricts their stomach and may cause injury to their baby.

However, there is one piece of advice generally offered to expectant mothers--what is best for a child involves what is best for his or her mother. Choosing to wear a seatbelt is far safer than choosing not to, as it can significantly reduce the change of injury to the baby, and mother. Wearing the seatbelt around the belly as opposed to over it is the correct way to do so. The lap belt will rest across the hips and under the belly, while the shoulder strap rests across the chest, between the breasts.

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