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Car accidents are one of the most common causes of injury in the United States, but that doesn’t make the experience or resulting injuries any less traumatic for the victims. There is enough on your plate to deal with without worrying about the financial burden of medical bills. The Law Offices of Adam Baron can help you understand how to avoid car accidents and how to receive compensation!

Speak with one of our Coral Springs car accident attorneys about pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. It should be the responsibility of the negligent driver and their insurance company to assist with medical bills and pain and suffering. We are here to make sure they do.

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Elements of a Successful Car Accident Case

Through the many auto accident cases, we have handled over the past 25+ years, we have determined the several main elements that need to be addressed to successfully pursue a car accident lawsuit. These facts both demonstrate how a driver was acting recklessly and determine how much the injured is rightfully owed in order to fully recover from the incident.

The main elements of a car accident lawsuit include:

  • Showing that the defendant did not perform the necessary duty of care while operating their vehicle.
  • Proving causation—that the plaintiff incurred their injuries due to the defendant’s actions.
  • Providing a thorough estimate of the defendant’s total medical expenses resulting from the accident, including lost wages, property damage, and compensation for pain and suffering.

Coral Springs Car Accident Attorney

An experienced Coral Springs auto accident lawyer can do the necessary legwork to demonstrate these key factors after a car or truck wreck. Your primary focus should be on recovering, resting easy once the case is in capable hands.

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Going through a lawsuit alone after an injury is difficult. Let our capable team of legal professionals at the Law Offices of Adam Baron, P.A. help you with the complicated technical work. You will be informed of our progress every step of that way so that you are never left out of the loop.

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