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Trucks have an intimidating presence on the road. Due to the incredible amount of damage a truck can do to an average passenger vehicle, truck drivers must undergo rigorous training before getting behind the wheel of a big rig. Nonetheless, many companies and employers pressure their drivers to do whatever is necessary to get their job done faster, which makes it easy for the trucker to make mistakes.

Have you have been in an accident with a truck or lost a loved one in a fatal truck accident? Contact our truck accident attorneys in Coral Springs. It is time to investigate the details to determine the real cause.

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Problems with the Trucking Industry

While the truck driver is directly responsible for the accident, there are many outside forces pressuring him / her into driving carelessly, which makes them potentially liable parties.

Truckers are only allowed to drive for a limited period of time in order to avoid exhaustion. The less time a trucker spends driving, the longer it will take to make a delivery. In order to “persuade” truckers into breaking this rule, many companies pay their drivers on commission depending on when they make their deliveries. As a result, many truckers recklessly speed down the highway for hours at a time without any breaks.

Other factors that contribute to truck accidents include:

Federal Trucking Regulations

Many truck accidents are the result of negligent acts that are in direct violation of federal regulations. The federal trucking regulations outlined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) cover everything from appropriate driving speed to ensuring that a load is secured properly and performing safe turns and lane merges.

Inadequate Training

According to federal trucking regulations, commercial drivers must undergo a substantial amount of training before they can get behind the wheel. They also have to continue completing educational training in order to continue being certified to drive large trucks.

Hours of Operation / Driver Fatigue

One of the biggest issues in the trucking industry is ensuring that drivers do not operate their massive vehicles for extended periods of time without adequate rest. Many regulations impose break and rest periods and truck companies are required to ensure that their employees comply with these rules. Failure to comply with these rest periods can result in driver fatigue – one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents.

Overloaded Trucks / Overweight Violations

Each type of truck has a weight limit. When trucking companies purposely or accidentally overload a truck, it can be extremely dangerous. Overloaded trucks may not be able to stop as quickly, or the brakes may fail entirely due to the excess weight. Improperly loaded trucks can result in spilled cargo that collides with other vehicles when it falls out, or it may shift inside the truck and cause a truck rollover or jackknife accident. Excessive weight may even cause the axles of the truck to break under the heavy load.

If the truck driver fails to comply with applicable regulations, or the truck company fails to provide appropriate training, then either or both parties may be held liable for injuries that result.

Protect Your Rights by Pursuing a Negligence Claim

One of the main things that a plaintiff in a truck accident case must prove is that the defendant acted negligently. According to Florida law, a truck company can generally be held indirectly or vicariously liable for the negligent acts of its drivers. It is also important to investigate whether any carelessness on the part of the trucking company was involved in the collision.

After showing that the driver or truck company acted carelessly, the plaintiff must show that this negligence was the direct cause of his or her accident. This means that he or she would not have suffered injuries but for the driver’s or company’s negligence.

Finally, a plaintiff must submit evidence of the monetary damages that he or she incurred as a result of the accident. This can include many things, like medical expenses, vehicle repairs, the costs of future treatment, and lost wages. Other, more subjective forms of damages also may be compensated, such as pain and suffering.

We Handle the Trucking Company for You

In truck accident lawsuits, all parties are investigated, including the trucker, their direct employer, the truck manufacturer, the trucking company, and the mechanic who last worked on the vehicle. Anyone who contributed to the cause of the accident should be held accountable. By pursuing a lawsuit with a Coral Springs truck accident lawyer, you are able to put their irresponsible actions in the limelight. The companies allowing unsafe practices to continue must be made aware of how their negligence has hurt others.

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