Workers' Compensation

In Florida and the Miami metro area, when someone is injured on the job, they are eligible for benefits under the worker's compensation section of the Florida Statutes. The employer, through their worker's compensation carrier is responsible for providing the injured worker with two main benefits; lost wages and medical care. This obligation to provide these benefits for the injured worker exists, no matter whose fault the accident is.

The worker's comp carrier will arrange all the medical care and pay all the medical bills. The only catch is, you have to only treat with their doctors, doctors who they pick for you. A lot of times you may find that these doctors are not really looking out for the best interest of the injured worker. Often, they will be manipulated by the insurance company adjuster into putting you back to work before you are ready, or downplaying the severity of your injury. I see this happen on a daily basis. At the Law Offices of Adam Baron, we will fight for you to get the best medical care possible. We will change your doctor if need be, even send you to a doctor outside of the insurance company's reach, to get a fresh, honest opinion of your condition.

Sometimes, a doctor will say that you need surgery and the insurance company does not even want to listen to the opinion of their own doctor and not authorize the procedure you need! Rest assured, if you hire my firm, I will aggressively fight the insurance company to get the care you are entitled to.

If you are unable to work, I will make sure that you are paid worker's compensation checks every two weeks, while you recuperate. Many times however, a dispute will arise at your job where they claim they have work available for you to do with your doctor's restrictions. When you get there, you come to find that the work they are giving you requires the same level of physical exertion as before your injury and you can't do it! You will need my assistance in fighting with the insurance company to get them to continue to pay you.

After you have had all the treatment you need, it is often possible to get a lump sum settlement for the carrier to close your case. By hiring me, Adam Baron, you can feel confident in knowing you have a professional with over twenty years experience in dealing with these matters. I know how to value a case and I will get you the most money possible for it.