Can I See a Chiropractor While Receiving Workers’ Compensation?

Sep 30, 2019

The short answer to this question is, yes, you can see a chiropractor while receiving workers’ compensation benefits. When an employee sustains an injury in the workplace, surgery, physical therapy, and medication might be necessary to achieve relief. Chiropractic treatment provides a more holistic approach to pain relief and recovery, but many often question if this form of treatment is covered by workers’ compensation insurance since it is generally considered an alternative form of treatment. In recent years, chiropractic treatment has become more widely recognized as a valid form of therapy and workers’ compensation insurance often covers it, though there is typically a limit on the number of visits an employee can receive.

Workers’ Compensation and Chiropractic Treatment

In Florida, chiropractic care is limited to 24 treatments or 12 weeks, depending on which comes first. These treatments are limited under workers’ compensation insurance because chiropractic care is an ongoing form of treatment and insurance providers are concerned about workers taking advantage of compensation coverage and seeking more treatment than necessary.

Medically Necessary Medical Treatment

For chiropractic treatment to be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, you must show that it is medically necessary. If you were to continue to attend chiropractic sessions without showing any signs of improvement over the course of a month, the insurance provider would likely question the necessity of the treatment you are receiving and dispute your claim for receiving this form of care.

Discuss a treatment schedule with your chiropractor and inform the insurance company, so they are continuously aware of the care you are receiving. The more information you can provide regarding the frequency of your visits and your progress, the more difficult it will be for an insurance adjuster to dispute your claim. Keep copies of your medical records, including reports for your chiropractor and documentation regarding the status of your recovery.

The insurance company might attempt to dispute your claim if:

  • The number of chiropractic visits increase instead of decrease
  • Your health has not shown much of an improvement after a month
  • You could not provide any evidence that this form of treatment is necessary

Although most insurance providers believe 24 treatments or 12 weeks of chiropractic care is generally adequate for an injured worker, this number can be increased authorized by the insurance company or if the employee’s injury is considered catastrophic.

Obtain the Legal Assistance You Need for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

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