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When you are injured on the job, your employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance in order to help you with medical expenses and lost wages. In Florida, it does not matter who caused the injury; the employee is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits after the accident. The Law Offices of Adam Baron understand the workers comp claim process and can help you navigate your injury during this difficult time.

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What are the Most Common Workplace Injuries?

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the top three leading causes of accidents in the workplace are the result of the following:

  • Overexertion: Injuries due to lifting, pushing, turning, excessive physical effort, carrying or throwing.
  • Contact with Objects and Equipment: Injuries due to moving objects hitting a worker or a worker coming into contact with an object or equipment.
  • Slips, Trips and Falls: Injuries due to workers falling on different levels, jumping to lower levels, or falling from a collapsing structure.

The Law Offices of Adam Baron knows that every work injury is unique and comes with its own set of physical and emotional challenges. The recovery for these types of injuries is often long and sometimes permanent. Between 2015 and 2016, preventable work-related deaths increased 5%, from 4,190 to 4,398 deaths. If you or a loved one was injured and disabled due to a work accident, contact our workers compensation lawyers in Coral Springs immediately to discuss your options for compensation.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

If you’ve ever tried to handle your workers’ compensation claim by yourself, then you know how difficult it can be reaching your insurance adjuster. Many times, injured workers will complain that they leave message after message for their adjuster only to find that their calls are never returned. But the adjusters can’t ignore our workers’ compensation lawyers. We aggressively pursue your claim by filing petitions for benefits that the insurance company can’t ignore. We will also set the depositions of adjusters that choose not to give our clients the benefits they need.

By Florida law, your insurance company is allowed to select your doctor in order for you to receive benefits. Many of these carefully selected physicians downplay problems in order to reduce the money that the insurance companies need to pay out. In other cases, we have even seen insurance companies refuse to pay for surgeries that their own doctors have recommended.

When you become a client of the Law Offices of Adam Baron, P.A., we deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. Sometimes we send clients to another doctor just to have a second opinion on how severe their injuries actually are.

It is also possible for us to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company to compensate you for lost wages and future medical care. Let us use our 30+ years of expertise in getting you every dollar you’re entitled to.

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It is vital that you make a full recovery before returning to work. In the past, we have won clients over $1.5 million in workers’ compensation claims alone. Our Coral Springs workers’ comp attorneys have personally seen to it that clients receive their checks every two weeks while recovering. We also follow up with clients after they resume work to make sure that they are readjusting okay and do not need to take more time off. When you are injured in a work accident, never settle for less than you deserve.

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