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Never underestimate the damage a slip and fall accident can do to a person. Many victims of these accidents end up suffering damage to the brain or spine. Florida law states that property owners are required to accommodate guests with reasonable safety precautions. Unless guests are properly warned, floors must be clear of any hazards that could result in an injury. When these standards have not been met, consult with a Coral Springs slip and fall lawyer from the Law Offices of Adam Baron, P.A. We treat these injuries seriously and provide the aggressive representation they warrant.

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Common Slip & Fall Hazards

Although most property owners take precautions to avoid premises liability, some do not consider slip and falls that dangerous a risk and neglect to do everything they can to prevent them. The most common place these accidents occur is in grocery stores. Anytime a slippery substance spills on the floor, the manager should take immediate action. There is significant foot traffic in grocery aisles, which means managers should always have these spills cleaned up right away. Even if the spill was not caused by an employee of the store, Florida law stipulates that property owners must take action for foreseeable incidents caused by third parties.

Slip and falls can also be caused by the following:

  • Warped, uneven floors
  • Ripped carpeting
  • Slipping rugs
  • Poor lighting
  • Tree roots

If you can prove that the owner did not do all in their power to prevent the injury, you can likely obtain the justice you are owed. It is also important to provide insurance companies or the court with an accurate estimate of medical expenses to ensure you recover maximum compensation for your damages.

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Proving the Liability of a Negligent Property Owner

According to Florida law, most property owners have a duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition and to warn visitors about any potentially dangerous conditions. The extent of this duty depends on the reason why the guest is on the property. When considering a premises liability claim, therefore, it is critical to discern the scope of duty that applied to the property owner in your case.

Most businesses are open to the public (as opposed to private businesses). As a result, the law imposes a high standard of care on these property owners to keep visitors safe and to warn them of potential hazards or dangers on the property. These property owners must also guard against any third-party crimes that are foreseeable. Any private party who invites social guests to his or her property also falls within this standard. When it comes to uninvited guests or trespassers, the law only requires a property owner to refrain from creating any willful or wanton injuries through traps or other dangerous conditions.

After showing that the defendant owed you a duty of care and that he or she failed to act according to that duty, you – the plaintiff – are then required to draw a causal link connecting the hazard on the premises to your injuries. You also must submit evidence supporting the amount of money that is being sought in the lawsuit.

Slips and falls can lead to some severe and devastating injuries, some of which may have a permanent physical impact on you, the victim. Examples include spinal cord damage, broken bones, and even head trauma. If you are unable to return to work due to permanent injuries, the defendant may also be required to compensate you for your loss of future earning capacity. It is critical that you see a medical professional promptly to determine the nature and extent of your harm.

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When you hire a Coral Springs slip and fall attorney, they will take care of the complex litigation work like finding evidence, interacting with attorneys and insurance companies, and consulting with a legal professional on the possibility of long-term medical expenses. At Law Offices of Adam Baron, P.A., our attorneys work directly with clients. We do not send associates or paralegals to speak with clients on our behalf so that our clients know we are personally managing the case.

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