Premises Liability Attorneys in Coral Springs

When we go about our daily business, the last thing we expect to happen is to suffer a painful and unforeseen fall due to a property owner’s failure to keep its flooring and walkways in good condition. One of the most common ways that guests and patrons may harm themselves is by tripping or stumbling on uneven pavement. At the Law Offices of Adam Baron, our skilled Coral Springs premises liability lawyers can help you investigate a potential claim against a business or other property owner and fight for your right to the settlement or the judgment that you deserve.

Pursuing Compensation for an Uneven Pavement Accident

According to Florida law, property owners owe patrons, guests, and other visitors a duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. This includes a duty to check for unsafe conditions and to repair them promptly. In the event that a condition cannot be fixed promptly, the property owner must provide a warning to guests to ensure that they are aware of the dangerous condition. For busy establishments, wear and tear on flooring and other walking surfaces may be significant.

After suffering a slip and fall accident, it can be difficult to understand how it happened. These events are often sudden and unexpected. One of the most critical aspects of your claim may involve conducting a thorough investigation to understand the nature and severity of the dangerous flooring condition and to determine whether the property owner knew or reasonably should have known that the dangerous condition existed. Also, it will be important to show that the condition was not open and obvious, such that you should have been able to notice it through the exercise of reasonable care.

After showing that the property owner failed to use reasonable care in maintaining its premises, the plaintiff must show that this failure was the direct cause of the injuries that he or she sustained. If the victim also acted carelessly in causing the accident, he or she still may be able to recover compensation that is proportionate to the defendant’s degree of responsibility. Many forms of damages may be recovered in slip and fall cases, often including past and future medical expenses, lost earnings and loss of future earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Enlist an Experienced Coral Springs Lawyer for a Premises Liability Case

Although some slip and fall accidents may result in only minor injuries, other cases may be severe and result in devastating injuries or even permanent disabilities. This is particularly true for people who are particularly vulnerable, such as the elderly or children. At the Law Offices of Adam Baron, our personal injury attorneys treat each client with the personalized and compassionate legal counsel that they deserve. We represent victims in cities such as Coral Springs, Tamarac, and North Miami Beach, as well as other areas of Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. Our slip and fall lawyers provide a free, confidential consultation to discuss your potential claim and how we may be able to assist you. Contact us online or call us in Broward County at (954) 716-8976, in Miami-Dade County at (305) 770-2131, or in Naples/Fort Myers at (239) 352-5511.