Reach Out If You Have Been Injured on Another’s Property

Anyone who opens their property to the public has a duty to make sure the area is safe. Buildings can be very dangerous if they are not held to the proper safety codes. A property owner who has not taken precautions, or at least warned visitors of danger, should be held accountable for injuries that afflict their guests. At the Law Offices of Adam Baron, P.A., our Coral Springs premises liability attorneys have more than 30 years practicing law and helping victims pursue compensation.

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Determining Liability in Your Case

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    The exact responsibilities of a property manager to keep guests safe varies from location to location. For instance, someone who runs a supermarket will have very different expected hazards than the owner of a zoo. In some cases, people agree to an acceptable level of risk when entering a property— it would be near impossible to create totally safe conditions at theme park—but even in these instances the property owner should post appropriate warnings so that guests can be prepared for the danger.

    Premises liability hazards include:

    • Slip & Falls
    • Defective property conditions
    • Inadequate maintenance
    • Negligent security
    • Retail store accidents
    • Injuries in restaurants
    • Uneven pavement accidents
    • Swimming pool accidents
    • Child injuries
    • Electric shock accidents

    We Handle the Hard Work

      No one has time to study law and prepare a solid case right after suffering an injury. Schedule a free consultation with our Coral Springs premises liability attorneys to discuss the details of the case. After taking a case, our team immediately begins gathering the necessary evidence and informing the opposing party of the situation. The sooner things get moving, the faster the injured can recovery both financially and physically.

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