Coral Springs Premises Liability Lawyers

When you think of accidents that may happen on someone else’s property, you may think of incidents like tripping on a broken floorboard, falling down a faulty staircase, or slipping on a wet floor. Although these accidents often lead to painful injuries, there are even more severe ways that a property owner’s negligence may result in life-changing harm. One example is electric shock, which occurs when someone comes into contact with an exposed live wire. At the Law Offices of Adam Baron, our Coral Springs premises liability attorneys have compassionately assisted many victims with seeking the compensation that they need for their injuries. We understand the challenges that you may face in the aftermath of suffering a serious electric shock, and we are here to advocate for you.

Bringing a Claim Against a Careless Property

According to Florida law, a property owner has a duty to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. Among other things, this requires making routine inspections of the premises to look for potentially dangerous conditions, which may include exposed wiring or other electrical issues. If a property owner fails to meet this duty, they will be deemed negligent and held liable if an accident occurs as a result. In addition to showing that the owner failed to inspect the property or repair a dangerous condition, the plaintiff may try to show that the defendant violated an applicable regulation. Florida building codes provide certain specifications for wiring and electrical systems. If a property owner failed to follow these rules, the duty of care likely has been breached.

After establishing the elements of duty and breach, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant’s lack of appropriate care was the direct cause of their injuries. While a minor electric shock may not be devastating, high-voltage exposures may seriously injure a victim. Some examples of the harm that often results from a high-voltage exposure include burns, spinal cord damage, and brain injuries. In severe cases, an exposure may even result in cardiac arrest and death. High-voltage exposures often may be traced to conditions such as faulty wiring, sagging power lines, exposed or torn electrical wires, or faulty light switches. If a property owner allowed this type of hazard to persist, they may be required to compensate the victim for their medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, and other damages. After a tragically fatal accident, the property owner may be held liable to the victim’s estate and family through a wrongful death claim.

Protect Your Rights – Consult a Coral Springs Injury Attorney

If you have suffered electric shock injuries due to a property owner’s failure to take proper care in maintaining their premises, you may be entitled to compensation. Building a strong personal injury case requires carefully investigating the situation, collecting evidence, identifying all of the potentially liable parties, and building a strategy that anticipates possible defenses. Our premises liability lawyers understand how to perform each of these steps. We serve accident victims throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, including in Coral Springs, Tamarac, Fort Myers, and North Miami Beach. Contact us online or by phone to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney. The Law Offices of Adam Baron may be reached in Broward County at (954) 716-8976, in Miami-Dade County at (305) 770-2131, or in Naples/Fort Myers at (239) 352-5511.