Premises Liability Attorneys in Coral Springs

During the warm summer months, swimming pools are a fantastic way to cool off, enjoy the outdoors, and spend time with family and friends. For all of their benefits, however, they may also pose a serious danger to users, particularly if the property owner fails to provide warnings about any dangerous conditions associated with the pool. Whether you suffer minor scrapes and injuries or lose a loved one in a swimming pool accident, you may need to enlist a premises liability attorney to protect your rights. The dedicated Coral Springs pool accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Adam Baron are prepared to help you bring a claim against a property owner responsible for a pool where you were hurt.

Holding a Careless Property Owner Accountable for a Swimming Pool Accident

According to Florida law, property owners have a duty to warn their guests about dangerous conditions associated with swimming pools on their property and to maintain the premises in safe repair. Some of the common dangers that swimming pools may pose include slippery walkways, uneven surfaces, sharp or jagged edges, and filtration systems that can catch clothing or limbs. Also, swimming pools may have varying depths and may not be safe for certain types of swimming activities. In these instances, a property owner should display warnings and other information to help guests understand the nature of the pool. For swimming pools on public properties, such as hotels, resorts, parks, or schools, there may be additional requirements that apply, such as having a lifeguard on duty or providing floatation assistance equipment to individuals or children who are not strong swimmers.

In a premises liability action based on a swimming pool accident, the plaintiff must also prove that the swimming pool owner’s lack of due care was the reason that he or she suffered injuries. This often requires a thorough investigation into the scene of the accident and the nature of the injuries that the plaintiff sustained. Finally, the plaintiff will be asked to provide evidence illustrating the amount of damages that he or she incurred as a result of the accident, often including medical expenses, missed wages, and long-term medical care.

In the event that a swimming pool accident results in the loss of a victim’s life, Florida law allows the surviving heirs to bring a wrongful death claim against the property owner. Through this legal action, they can potentially recover damages for the loss of their loved one’s society, companionship, love, and support, as well as any burial and funeral expenses.

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