Case Results — The Law Offices of Adam Baron, P.A. Recovers Millions in Compensation for Victims of Work Accidents, Negligent Security, and More

Sep 3, 2019

At the Law Offices of Adam Baron, P.A., our attorneys are committed to our goal of helping the victims of negligence recover the compensation they deserve. We have represented a wide variety of clients, and practice in the areas of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, back injuries, brain injuries, boat accidents, medical malpractice, neck injuries, premises liability, slip & falls, truck accidents, and workers’ compensation.

During our over 25 years of experience in practicing personal injury law, we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

Some of our recent case results include:

  • A workers’ compensation case which resulted in $1,850,000 in damages awarded to an employee who required a lifetime of care after he developed reflex sympathy disorder from a wrist injury.
  • One and a half million dollars recovered for a worker who suffered from an amputation below the knee and brain damage when a scissors lift fell over at his job.
  • A negligent security premises liability case in which the victim — who was shot in the eye at a party in an apartment complex — recovered $400,000 in compensation.
  • A client who needed neck surgery, and sustained an additional back injury, recovered $300,000 in their personal injury case.
  • In a workers’ compensation case, the worker who needed back and ankle surgery recovered $249,500.
  • An auto accident case resulted in $250,000 for the injury victim who had a hurt shoulder, and also required back surgery.
  • A victim who lost their fingers in an on-the-job accident, and needed to get a prosthetic hand, was awarded $240,750.
  • A worker who broke both of his legs in a fall from a roof recovered $230,000.
  • A workers’ compensation case involving a leg crush injury resulted in a $220,750 recovery.
  • A broken ladder on a worksite caused an employee to fall and sustain a complex foot fracture. They were provided $195,000 in a workers’ compensation case.
  • An on-the-job injury victim recovered $192,900. Their arm was fractured and their nerves were damaged when the limb was caught in an air hose.
  • A person who worked on a plane stepped in a hatch that was left open by a fellow employee, and was able to get $170,625 in a personal injury case.
  • A roof-fall victim needed shoulder surgeries and sustained several injuries. They pursued a workers’ compensation case which resulted in $150,000.
  • A work-related shoulder injury resulted in complex regional pain syndrome for the victim, who was awarded $125,000 in damages through a workers’ compensation case.

As you can see, we have successfully handle many different types of cases. If you need qualified representation for your personal injury claim, schedule a free consultation with the Law Offices of Adam Baron, P.A.

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