Coral Springs Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, many reporting sources indicate that over half of them are caused by another motorist’s failure to yield the right of way. Motorcycles are much smaller in size than traditional vehicles, leaving them vulnerable to drivers engaging in distracted driving activities, speeding, or generally failing to pay attention. The very nature of a motorcycle also leaves a rider vulnerable to severe injuries, due to the lack of external barriers that protect occupants in cars and trucks. At the Law Offices of Adam Baron, our Coral Springs motorcycle accident attorneys have counseled many victims and their families. We are familiar with the types of injuries that result from collisions and can help you gather evidence to prove the full extent of your harm.

Motorcycle Accidents Often Result in Severe Injuries

Some of the most severe injuries that a motorcyclist may suffer in a collision are head injuries. In some cases, a motorcyclist will suffer a skull fracture, which may have life-threatening implications if it is not treated promptly. Head injuries may also cause latent complications such as memory loss and other cognitive impairments. Neck injuries are also common because they are closely related to head injuries. Protecting the head and neck is critical for motorcyclists.

Road rash is another common injury, which occurs when the motorcyclist’s skin skids across the pavement, causing serious abrasions and wounds. Road rash often requires hospitalization to treat and may lead to permanent scarring. Leg injuries and muscle damage are also common when a motorcyclist attempts to prevent a crash from occurring. A biker’s leg will often become pinned underneath the motorcycle, leading to serious injuries. So-called biker’s arm is also common. This occurs when a motorcyclist is thrown from the bike and instinctually extends their arm to brace against the impact.

To recover compensation from a careless driver who caused your motorcycle accident, you must show that the other driver acted negligently. The first step to proving negligence involves showing that the defendant owed you a duty of care. In general, the law requires each of us to act with the same level of care and prudence that a reasonable person would use in a similar situation. When it comes to driving, this includes following applicable traffic laws, including yielding the right of way and refraining from distracted driving habits like texting or talking on the phone.

The plaintiff must also show that the defendant’s negligence caused their injuries. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents include another driver’s failure to see a motorcyclist, a failure to yield the right of way to a motorcyclist, and speeding. Driving under the influence is also a common cause of motorcycle crashes. Finally, the plaintiff will need to illustrate the damages that resulted from the accident. These may consist of costs like medical expenses or lost wages as well as subjective damages like pain and suffering.

Consult a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Coral Springs

At the Law Office of Adam Baron, we ensure that each client is treated with personalized attention. A motorcycle accident may cause debilitating and often permanent injuries. The last thing that any victim and their family should need to handle is navigating the complex judicial system. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can guide you through each step of the process and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. We serve accident victims throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, including in Coral Springs, Tamarac, Fort Myers, and North Miami Beach. Contact us online or call us at one of our regional office locations to set up a free appointment with a motor vehicle accident attorney. You can reach us in Broward County at (954) 716-8976, in Miami-Dade County at (305) 770-2131, or in Naples/Fort Myers at (239) 352-5511.