Motorcycle Crash Lawyers in Coral Springs

When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle riders may suffer some of the most devastating and life-altering injuries. Unlike cars or other vehicles that offer external protections from the elements, motorcycles leave riders exposed. Although motorcyclists are always vulnerable, U-turns present one of the greatest safety challenges. U-turn accidents often occur when one of the drivers is not paying attention, speeding, or driving under the influence. At the Law Offices of Adam Baron, our diligent Coral Springs motorcycle accident attorneys can advocate for you in seeking compensation.

Common Causes of U-Turn Accidents

There are several different circumstances that may lead to an accident involving a U-turn. Some drivers may fail to notice that a motorcycle is engaging in a U-turn, which may lead to a collision with the side of the motorcycle. Studies have revealed that as many as 70 percent of accidents involving motorcycles result from the other driver failing to take notice of the motorcyclist. Many drivers also fail to notice who has the right of way when it comes to making a U-turn or allowing a driver to complete a U-turn. Other factors that may lead to a U-turn accident include poorly marked signage or an inadequate roadway design for U-turns. According to Florida law, if a vehicle is engaged in a U-turn, it must yield the right of way to any vehicle approaching from another direction. There are some exceptions to this rule when emergencies require an alternative course of action to achieve safety.

Hold a Negligent Driver Liable for Your Injuries

If you were involved in a U-turn accident resulting from another driver’s negligence, you may bring a personal injury lawsuit against them to seek compensation. To prevail, you must establish that the defendant owed you a duty to drive with reasonable care and skill and that they failed to drive according to this standard. The duty of care encompasses many factors, including any applicable traffic laws, such as Florida’s requirement that drivers engaged in U-turns yield the right of way. Next, you must establish that the defendant’s lack of due care was the cause of the injuries that you sustained. Finally, you will need to offer evidence of your damages, such as any medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and other expenses associated with the accident.

In the unfortunate event that a motorcyclist loses their life as a result of a crash, their surviving heirs may bring a wrongful death lawsuit to pursue compensation for the loss of their loved one, as well as compensation for any funeral and burial expenses.

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